gas meter

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gas meter

(Chemistry) an apparatus for measuring and recording the amount of gas passed through it

gas′ me`ter

an apparatus for measuring and recording the amount of gas produced or consumed.
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Noun1.gas meter - a meter for measuring the amount of gas flowing through a particular pipegas meter - a meter for measuring the amount of gas flowing through a particular pipe
meter - any of various measuring instruments for measuring a quantity
عَدّاد غاز
gaz sayacı

gas meter

ncontatore m del gas


(gӕs) noun
1. a substance like air. Oxygen is a gas.
2. any gas which is used for heating, cooking etc.
3. a gas which is used by dentists as an anaesthetic.
4. a poisonous or irritating gas used in war etc. The police used tear gas to control the riot.
verbpast tense, past participle gassed
to poison or kill (a person or animal) with gas. He was gassed during World War I.
gaseous (ˈgӕsiəs) adjective
of or like (a) gas. a gaseous substance.
ˈgassy adjective
full of gas. gassy lemonade.
ˈgassiness noun
gas chamber
a room in which people are killed by means of gas. Many people were sent to the gas chamber in World War II.
gas mask
something which is used to cover the face to prevent a person breathing poisonous gas.
gas meter
an instrument which measures the amount of gas which is used.
gasoline, gasolene (ˈgӕsəliːn) noun
(American. also gas) petrol.
gas station
(American) a petrol station.
ˈgasworks noun singular
a place where gas is made. The gasworks is rather an ugly building.
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Smart gas meter is a device that utilizes two-way communication between distributors, energy suppliers, energy consumers, and energy meters to provide first-hand information on gas usage.
But in truth wet gas flow seriously degrades all gas meter design performance specifications.
YOUNGSTERS had to be sent home from a nursery after thieves stole the building's gas meter.
e thefts happened between Monday and Tuesday, when thieves stole a gas meter from the outside of a house in Poplar Street in Ashington, Northumberland.
The cost of one cubic meter of natural gas in case of a gas meter will hit 165.
The gas meter was sent to laboratory for analysis whereas a heavy detection bill is being issued to the factory owner.
In Sunderland in February, the gas meter and pipes were stolen from a house in Byron Street.
Bankert, 56, of North Attleboro was indicted Thursday on six counts of larceny over $250, 10 counts of willful injury or interference with gas meter or other property and six counts of failure to file income tax returns.
Build an outside gas meter cupboard Gas meters exposed on an external wall never look good, so box it in to keep your home looking neat.
STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM), a leading supplier of IC solutions for metering applications, and Omron, a world leader in automation technology, has announced that the two companies have collaborated to provide a complete solution for electronic gas meter flow sensors.
The gas meter had been disconnected to avoid payment.
After discovering the display of my gas meter wasn't working and phoning up British Gas meter department and waiting on the phone for half an hour, I got through to one of their representatives who told me that he couldn't come out and fix this until I've run out of gas in an emergency situation.