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Eyewitness accounts said Lo might have mistaken the gas pedal for the brakes, which caused the car to accelerate forward and run over Sevilla, stopping only when it reached the opposite side of the road.
Shen then jumped in his car, hit reverse, floored the gas pedal and smashed the fish stand to pieces.
It was then that passengers got his foot off the gas pedal before the woman commandeered the vehicle and steered it out of harm's way.
Arab News According to local media, the driver accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.
The Massachusetts State Police said that the driver confessed to have "accidentally" hit the gas pedal instead of brakes, reports the CNN.
In this method, participants maintained a white square size on a forward display by using a game gas pedal of like in car-following situation.
would be built and drivers should prepare to let off the gas pedal for a few years.
The day Ann Murray accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, she knew she'd had a wake-up call she'd never forget.
I've been ticked off at the Fed for years because they kept stomping on the gas pedal even though we were clearly beyond the "crisis.
Kia Motors America is recalling their 2014-2015 Soul and Soul electric cars because a section of the gas pedal may bend and fracture if unanticipated excessive force is applied to the pedal.
And though he might act otherwise, ECB President Mario Draghi doesn't have a choice but to press on the stimulus gas pedal.
when she slammed it into drive she fell on top of the gas pedal," Costello told local television station WFXT-TV.