gas service

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Noun1.gas service - a public utility that provides gasgas service - a public utility that provides gas  
public utility, public utility company, public-service corporation, utility - a company that performs a public service; subject to government regulation
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8220;Over the course of the past few years, the agency has acquired a number of oil and gas service company clients.
Electric company Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED) revealed on Monday the completion of the establishment of a new joint venture, called Stagecoach Gas Services, with Crestwood Equity Partners LP (NYSE:CEQP) in southern New York and northern Pennsylvania.
THE number of insolvencies of UK oil and gas services companies has trebled in the past year, amid the huge fall in oil prices, according to a new report.
APPOLLO Gas Services are celebrating 30 successful years of providing boiler services, repairs and installations to hundreds of households across the North East.
US Greenhouse Gas Services, a joint venture of GE Energy Financial Services and The AES Corp (NYSE:AES), said on Tuesday it has expanded to Canada by taking over Toronto-based biogas developer StormFisher.
ENERGY RESOURCE-9 February 2010-Greenhouse Gas Services Acquires Toronto's StormFisher Ltd.