gas-guzzler tax

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gas′-guz`zler tax`

a tax imposed on the purchase price of an automobile not meeting fuel efficiency standards.
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And while this may not seem germane to a high-performance car like the Shelby GT500, it has an EPA-projected 23 mpg highway and 15 mpg city, which is not only better than the 2010's numbers (22/14 mpg), but make it the first modern Shelby not liable to the gas-guzzler tax.
In the United States, a car such as the S63 AMG is freighted with a $3,000 federal gas-guzzler tax at new-car purchase.
Design smarts and engine efficiency allow the Z06 to beat the gas-guzzler tax sometimes tacked onto the price of high-performance cars.
on gasoline gas-guzzler tax $1,000-$7,700/ vehicle (FY2005) weighing 6,000 lbs.
5 miles per gallon in the city and on the highway, you could pay a gas-guzzler tax of as much as $7,700.
Not only are light trucks afforded lower CAFE standards--allowing manufacturers to build bigger, heavier vehicles--but they are also allowed to spew more smog-causing nitrogen oxides than cars and are exempt from the federal gas-guzzler tax.
Priced at $97,400 for the sedan and $111,900 for the coupe with gas-guzzler tax included, and weighing in at 4,830 pounds for the sedan and 4,785 for the coupe, the S500 is one massive hunk of automobile.