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Angus Deayton Drive ITV, 9pm While we wait for the relaunched Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson's rival motor show on Amazon, Vernon Kay is doing a fine job of keeping petrolheads happy with this gas-guzzling challenge.
SWISH BMWs are the most vandalised cars in Britain, with the gas-guzzling X5 top of the hitlist.
London, Aug 12 ( ANI ): Maintaining a lush green lawn is as bad for the environment as "driving a gas-guzzling vehicle," one of Britain's leading organic gardeners has claimed.
Who is this latter-day Swampy, who not only uses the word "reiterating" but also feels so strongly about the damage gas-guzzling motors do to our environment?
I was dismayed to see an article featuring gas-guzzling chipper-shredders for handling home yard waste ("How a ChipperShredder Can Help on Your Homestead," October/ November 2011).
THE MIRROR recently revealed how Senator Ivor Callely drives a gas-guzzling Range Rover.
Hummer was lauded early on for a tough image but became synonymous with gas-guzzling excess when consumers became more interested in high oil prices and environmental responsibility.
Unlike most gas-guzzling automobiles on the road, the Air Car's engine is powered by air that has been squeezed into a small space.
Expensive, gas-guzzling cars like 4x4s are becoming socially unacceptable - unless you're a farmer.
That would normally require a gas-guzzling engine but the Scorpion is as economical as a small family car.
FORMER G4 star and now solo singer Jonathan Ansell getting into a gas-guzzling new Range Rover outside the ICC.
We asked readers to try an alternative way of getting to work, school or college for one day, in the hope that some might make the change a regular fixture, to help relieve the pressure of congestion on our region's roads and cut harmful emissions given off by gas-guzzling cars.