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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The branch of dynamics that deals with the motion of gases and the thermal effects of this motion.

gas′dy·nam′ic adj.
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3] it is sufficient to calculate the flows at the boundary using formulas similar to the cells main scheme ones, where gas dynamics variables at the boundary between the two subdomains are calculated using Roe's procedure using gasdynamic variables in the right and in the left regions.
The flow field is governed by a set of one-dimensional gasdynamic equations
Emrich's work on the Gasdynamic Mirror Fusion Propulsion Experiment; and the General Purpose Heat Source Simulator educated NASA in applications of nuclear thermal engineering, expanding propulsion options as space exploration advances to Mars and beyond.
Intended for engineers or aircraft enthusiasts with a high level of technical understanding, this work documents the resolution of some of the key problems in high speed flight including aerodynamic and gasdynamic challenges, turbojet engine production, and material physics at transonic speeds.
Gasdynamic Features of Supersonic Kerosene Combustion In a Model Combustion Chamber, AIAA-90-5268
On gasdynamic stand of Institute for Problems of Strength, NASU, thermal-cycle burn-through tests of flap fragments were carried out, brazed by composite BFA in products of kerosene combustion at [T.
Objective: The expansion of a dilute gas through a gasdynamics convergent-divergent nozzle can occur in three different regimes, depending on the inlet and discharge conditions and on the gas: via a fully subsonic expansion, via a subsonic-supersonic or via a subsonic-supersonic-subsonic expansion embedding a compression shock wave within the divergent portion of the nozzle.
These included external, internal, intermediate and terminal ballistics; heat transfer and erosion in gun-barrels; gasdynamics and effects of explosions; theories of damage; detonation and combustion; thermodynamics of solids and liquids under extreme conditions, etc.
However, when the upward motion of the rarefied gas from the inside is considered, the more elaborated dynamic equilibrium must be approached by the rules of gasdynamics, although its roots remain in the realm of crude Archimede's principle.