gaseous state

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Noun1.gaseous state - the state of matter distinguished from the solid and liquid states by: relatively low density and viscositygaseous state - the state of matter distinguished from the solid and liquid states by: relatively low density and viscosity; relatively great expansion and contraction with changes in pressure and temperature; the ability to diffuse readily; and the spontaneous tendency to become distributed uniformly throughout any container
state of matter, state - (chemistry) the three traditional states of matter are solids (fixed shape and volume) and liquids (fixed volume and shaped by the container) and gases (filling the container); "the solid state of water is called ice"
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In fact, he would have perceived this sun, as yet in the gaseous state, and composed of moving molecules, revolving round its axis in order to accomplish its work of concentration.
Further, it will be brought to the gaseous state and sent via Romanian gas infrastructure for meeting the demands of Romania and other European countries.
The oil is heated at 200 degree centigrade, which removes all impurities by turning them into gaseous state.
Petronet operates a 15 million tonnes per annum terminal at Dahej in Gujarat for import of LNG and converting the liquid fuel back to its gaseous state before piping it to customers.
It has been reported that the second gasification ship will work to convert LNG to its gaseous state to facilitate pumping it to the national gas grid.
4 billion cubic meters of natural gas in a gaseous state (up 3.
Cryogenic engines are rocket motors designed for liquid fuels that have to be kept at low temperatures as they turn into a gaseous state at room temperature.
After converting this again into gaseous state, it is proposed to transport the gas through cross-country pipeline network to Jalandhar.
It is a fatal pesticide in the from of tablets which is transformed from the solid state to a gaseous state emanating the so-called lethal phosphine gas (PH3)," she clarified.
Linde Gases has been awarded ISO 17025 accreditation for its speciality gases mixtures used for environmental testing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the first time any industrial gases company has achieved validation for VOC mixtures in a gaseous state.
When completed, specially designed vessel(s) operated by Port Dolphin's parent company, Hoegh LNG of Oslo, Norway, will return LNG to a gaseous state onboard and move natural gas through the terminal's pipeline.
There is no published mathematical model of the drying process of foodstuffs differentiating between mass transfer in liquid and gaseous state.