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(Chemical Engineering) dialect US a gasworks



n., pl. -works. (used with a sing. v.)
a plant where heating and illuminating gas is manufactured and piped to consumers. Also called gashouse.
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25) Slaughter, a roughneck throwback to the Gashouse Gang of the 1930s, was close to Moore-they remained lifelong friends-and would never oppose the captain.
Deer were grazing a field on the left before we passed Gashouse Cottage on our right as we reached West Appleton.
I look at Jupiter In Velvet and I see a modern day version of David Bowie or even Paul McCartney" - Loren Sperry - GasHouse Radio.
The marina consists of two harbors: the East Harbor, also known as Gashouse Cove, and the West Harbor.
Eliot's gashouse in The Waste Land, as "a waste land dominated by the .
Gardai have issued an appeal for information to find the man A spokesman said: "Christopher was last seen shortly after midnight on January 2 at the Gashouse Bridge, Clonmel.
There is a good narrative of the well-known 1934 World Series against the Gashouse Gang.
Fans still leave baseballs by the tomb of the Gashouse Gang great.
It was the year that sportswriter Frank Grimm of the old New York Sun nicknamed them the Gashouse Gang.
But the system that would forge the 1930s Gashouse Gang dynasty became a standard--even necessary--element of the game and, according to Lowenfish's brilliant analysis, actually helped the minor leagues.
I picked gashouse coal for quite a few years in those hard times," he said.
They also tangle with their rivals, the Gashouse Gang, and catch tire thieves and gas bootleggers.