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Noun1.gasoline station - a service station that sells gasolinegasoline station - a service station that sells gasoline
service station - a station where gasoline and oil are sold and facilities are available for repairing or maintaining automobiles
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LANCASTER - Two seventh-graders toting a toy pistol and wearing camouflage bandannas over their faces tried to rob a gasoline station market but were locked out by the quick-thinking clerk.
A county staff report said the supermarket, and a companion gasoline station minimart, are not too close to High Desert Junior High School or to existing stores that sell alcohol.
The building is sited on a triangular piece of land on Capitol Hill and atop a reclaimed "brownfield" contaminated site that for many decades supported a gasoline station.
In the 1990s, when the planning for the bypass was under way, restaurant, gasoline station and other business owners who rely on traveler dollars sought a bypass route that would keep traffic closer to Mojave's downtown.
convenience store operators and gasoline station owners to learn effective crime-deterrent techniques, the seminar is offered as a free public service.
co LLC announced today the opening of a new CNG fueling facility at an Andy's-branded gasoline station, which includes a full-service convenience store, located at 7605 W.
The ban was imposed in the second half of 2013 but was eventually lifted after six months following complaints from gasoline station owners and tissue manufacturers of the heavy financial losses they were incurring due to the ban.
A gasoline station in the western Tokyo district of Kunitachi is one of those auto service-related businesses which has started offering car rentals.
A fire broke out in the canteen of the OMV gasoline station on the main Sofia thoroughfare "Tzarigradsko Shosse.
The interim government in early March 2012 pledged to end the sale of smuggled fuel from neighbouring countries after complaints from gasoline station owners troubled by a sharp drop in the business.
Gasoline station contacts note that it has taken up to a decade to implement similar changes in the past.
is planning to sell its gasoline station operations in Japan as the nation's demand for gasoline has fallen due to demographic changes and diffusion of energy-saving vehicles, industry sources said Friday.