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adj. gas·si·er, gas·si·est
1. Containing or full of gas.
2. Resembling gas.
3. Slang Bombastic or boastful.
a. Flatulent.
b. Causing flatulence: gassy foods.

gas′si·ness n.


adj, -sier or -siest
1. filled with, containing, or resembling gas
2. informal full of idle or vapid talk
ˈgassiness n


(ˈgæs i)

adj. -si•er, -si•est.
1. full of or containing gas.
2. resembling gas.
3. flatulent.
4. Slang. given to idle, empty talk.
gas′si•ness, n.
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Adj.1.gassy - resembling gas
gaseous - existing as or having characteristics of a gas; "steam is water is the gaseous state"
2.gassy - suffering from excessive gas in the alimentary canal
unhealthy - not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind; "unhealthy ulcers"
fullur af gasi/gosi
gaz dolugazlı


[ˈgæsɪ] ADJ (gassier (compar) (gassiest (superl))) → gaseoso


[ˈgæsi] adj [drink] → gazeux/eusegas tank n (US)réservoir m d'essencegas tap n
[cooker] → bouton m (de cuisinière à gaz)
(on pipe)robinet m à or du gaz


adj (+er)
(Sci) → gasförmig; it smells gassyes riecht nach Gas
(inf) persongeschwätzig


[ˈgæsɪ] adj (usu pej) → troppo gassato/a


(gӕs) noun
1. a substance like air. Oxygen is a gas.
2. any gas which is used for heating, cooking etc.
3. a gas which is used by dentists as an anaesthetic.
4. a poisonous or irritating gas used in war etc. The police used tear gas to control the riot.
verbpast tense, past participle gassed
to poison or kill (a person or animal) with gas. He was gassed during World War I.
gaseous (ˈgӕsiəs) adjective
of or like (a) gas. a gaseous substance.
ˈgassy adjective
full of gas. gassy lemonade.
ˈgassiness noun
gas chamber
a room in which people are killed by means of gas. Many people were sent to the gas chamber in World War II.
gas mask
something which is used to cover the face to prevent a person breathing poisonous gas.
gas meter
an instrument which measures the amount of gas which is used.
gasoline, gasolene (ˈgӕsəliːn) noun
(American. also gas) petrol.
gas station
(American) a petrol station.
ˈgasworks noun singular
a place where gas is made. The gasworks is rather an ugly building.
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The 5% beer is less gassy than most Indian beer and as a result, has a shorter shelf life--six months compared with the usual year.
RASIRC received Gases and Technology magazine's Gassy Award, Solid State Technology and Advanced Packaging magazines' Attendees' Choice Award, and they were selected for SEMI's Technology Innovation Showcase.
Kinetiko is also ongoing exploration drilling on the Volksrust tenement with the completion of its first well, which intersected gassy coals.
I want it to be a place where people can come and just hang out and have a good time and enjoy some live music," says Jones, who is hoping to re-capture the success he enjoyed with the original Gassy Jacks in the early '90s.
Swooping as close as 50 kilometers, Cassini went in like a dog with its tongue flapping out the window, sniffing and tasting the gassy brew for clues to the plume's origins and composition.
Avoid the following as they can make you gassy and bloated.
With one brain cell between two, they take advantage of the fantastic fare on offer, the gassy lager and canned cider at around pounds 3 a shot and the haut cuisine that exists in the form of an incredibly small bread roll 'stuffed' with pork or beef at around the pounds 5 mark.
I expected a very fruity, juicy drink with a subtle fizz, however the fizz was sharp but not gassy.
Packed with carbon, the essential component of all fossil fuels, the seafloor methane probably comes from the gassy wastes of bacteria.
Evans is said to have followed Mrs Davies to the toilet at Gassy Jack's Pub in Salisbury Road, Cathays, Cardiff, during a lunch to celebrate her promotion, and to have"accosted" her on the stairs.
39 for 750ml) from Wales, well, we love that fab blue bottle but it's carbonated, very gassy (beware those burps) and, sip for sip, more than twice as expensive as Badoit - a bit eau-ver the top, we reckon.
This is lower in alcohol than most of the imported Czech brews, with a lovely reddish tinge to its golden colour, and a slightly less gassy style.