gastric lavage

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Noun1.gastric lavage - washing out the stomach with sterile water or a saltwater solution; removes blood or poisons; "when the doctor ordered a gastric lavage the hospital pumped out my stomach"
lavage - washing out a hollow organ (especially the stomach) by flushing with water
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Updated standards pertain to devices such as lithotripters, cardiac implants, dialysis tubing, endoscopes, MRI, electrocardiogram machinery and gastric lavage machines.
The children have undergone gastric lavage and were all treated," a medical source from the hospital, who requested anonymity, told Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq - (VOI).
However, gastric lavage may be considered if the ingestion occurred within an hour of presentation to the emergency department.
We have taken her gastric lavage and sent it to the forensic for investigation.
However, we did eliminate TB and malignancy as the cause of her VFP because (1) she had no history of TB exposure, (2) her PPD was 8 mm, (3) her chest radiograph had no indication of TB, (4) acid-fast bacillus was not observed in the bronchial and gastric lavage and in her tracheobronchial biopsy, and (5) no malignancy and/or TB was found.
Instead doctors used gastric lavage or stomach pumping, a process that involved starving a child overnight, then sticking a tube down their nostrils or throat into their stomach, and sucking all the contents out.
Gastric lavage is better than bronchoalveolar lavage for isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in childhood pulmonary tuberculosis.
Gastric lavage was found to be a better sample for detection of C serpentis (a gastric species) than cloacal swabs (31); this would not be expected for a species with an affinity for the intestine.
He added that a resident doctor suspected food poisoning and referred them to a hotel in Amman for gastric lavage.
2,4,5) In table 1 gastric lavage and physostigmine are both listed as being recommended for treatment in the setting of D.
There has been a marked shift away from active gut decontamination, such as induction of vomiting, gastric lavage or administering activated charcoal; more emphasis is now placed on supportive care.
In six of the 7 patients with CCB intoxication who presented to the emergency department in the first 2 hours, gastric lavage and active charcoal administration were performed.