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a. gastroepiploico-a, rel. al estómago y el epiplón.
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25) reported the successful use of a pedicled gastroepiploic artery as a graft in a child with KD coronary lesions; we also adopted the use of this arterial graft for the distal RCA only, in addition to bilateral ITAs for the proximal RCA and the left coronary arteries (Fig.
Suggested collateral pathways in cases of splenic artery thrombosis include anastomosis between the right gastroepiploic artery (from the gastroduodenal artery) and left gastroepiploic artery (from the splenic artery) on the greater curvature of the stomach and gastric branches of the left gastric artery and short gastric arteries (9).
Lymph node stations (Japanese Classification of Gastric Carcinoma) No Definition 1 Right paracardial LNs, including those along the 1st branch of the ascending limb of the left gastric artery 2 Left paracardial LNs, including those along the oesophagocardiac branch of the left subphrenic artery 3a Lesser curvature LNs along the branches of the left gastric artery 3b Lesser curvature LNs along the 2nd branch and distal part of the right gastric artery 4sa Left greater curvature LNs along the short gastric arteries (perigastric area) 4sb Left greater curvature LNs along the left gastroepiploic artery (perigastric area) 4d Rt.
1,2,3) A flap composed of greater omentum and a full-thickness segment of the greater curvature of the stomach, based on the right gastroepiploic artery, was first described in 1977 by Yuzuru Kamei and Shuhei Torii.
Therefore, SVT leads to the increase in splenic outflow via the short gastric and gastroepiploic veins, known as left-sided or sinistral portal hypertension.
Stomach was mobilized with minimum gastric trauma with great care to preserve the right gastroepiploic arcade and use of vessel sealing energy devices away from gastroepiploic artery.
We found that the pancreatic body and tail carcinomas were all located within the pancreatic capsule and no sign of metastasis, normal liver, splenomegaly, and short gastric vein, gastroepiploic vein, gastric coronary vein dilated in gastrosplenic region.
Beating heart coronary artery bypass grafting: results from 402 patients and the usefulness of gastroepiploic artery composite grafting.
On the surface of the mass there were multiple grossly enlarged (1-2 cm diameter) pulsating arteries and veins, originating from the right gastroepiploic artery and vein and spreading into the gastrocolonic ligament (Fig.
One 4 x 4 x 3 cm indurated mass [Figure 3] at the pancreatic tail constricted the splenic vein and was considered to be associated with splenomegaly and torturous engorgement of the short gastric and gastroepiploic veins.
A case of coronary artery bypass surgery using left internal thoracic artery and right gastroepiploic artery for a patient with essential thrombocythemia].
In addition the left gastric artery left gastroepiploic artery gastric posterior artery and left subphrenic artery were also disconnected.

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