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n. gastroyeyunostomía, anastomosis del estómago y el yeyuno.
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Although first reported in 1881, afferent and efferent loop obstructions have been better understood since the 1950s (1) following the popularity of Billroth II gastrectomy with gastrojejunostomy (Fig.
Given the involvement of almost the entire pancreas by the lesion, the concern for malignancy, and the patient's preexisting pancreatic insufficiency, she underwent a total pancreatectomy with gastrojejunostomy and splenectomy.
A gastrojejunostomy tube was used and additional holes were made in it to decompress the duodenum.
due to celiac disease), pancreas divisum (7% of autopsies), penetrating duodenal ulcer, gastric resection, gastrojejunostomy with afferent loop syndrome, pancreas carcinoma, parasitic infection (e.
El Akkary agreed that the lack of a repeat upper GI procedure at 1 year was a limitation of the study, adding that it would be especially helpful in detecting patients with slow gastric emptying caused by edema at the gastrojejunostomy.
His comparison of 564 open and 663 laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedures revealed similar rates of mortality, anastomotic leaks, and gastrojejunostomy stenosis in the two cohorts, which were matched for age, initial body mass index, and gender.
A less invasive option is a gastrojejunostomy tube that bypasses the stomach.
Table 5) All of them underwent surgical correction with side-to-side retrocolic isoperistaltic gastrojejunostomy and bilateral truncal vagotomy.
The physician sought to use a gastrojejunostomy tube or
Adams GF, Guest DP, Ciraulo DL, et al: Maximizing tolerance of enteral nutrition in severely injured trauma patients: A comparison of enteral feedings by means of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy versus percutaneous endoscopic gastrojejunostomy.