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n. gastrosquisis, hendidura en la pared abdominal debida a ruptura de la membrana amniótica.
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The greatest increase in risk (50 percent) was for a condition called gastroschisis, where parts of the stomach or intestines protrude through the skin.
PATIENT'S CLAIM The sonograms showed gastroschisis.
Gastroschisis in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital Universitario del Valle (Cali, Colombia): 2000-2004
Dr Malcolm Coulthard, from Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary, saved little Millie Sophie Kelly's life when she was born with gastroschisis, a condition in which the bowels develop outside of the body.
An infant with gastroschisis [abdominal wall opening allowing internal organs to obtrude] was delivered and for dressings we improvised with a maternity napkin soaked in NaCl, while she awaited surgery.
We previously used clear plastic food wrap which has been successfully employed for covering burns and gastroschisis.
Helen and actor hubby Darren Morfitt, 32, have been told their child has the rare condition called gastroschisis.
A recently published study on recreational drug use during pregnancy and the possible link to fetal gastroschisis highlights an increasingly important area of research: hair testing as a biomarker for pregnancy exposure to recreational drugs or drugs of abuse.
Lester said his research has found no evidence of some of the other effects commonly linked to meth and often cited by pediatricians, such as premature delivery, heart defects, gastroschisis (a condition in which the baby is born with a hole in the abdomen) or skeletal abnormalities, such as Joshua Donovan's club foot.
In particular gastroschisis -a condition where babies are born with part of their intestine outside their body -was 11 per 10,000 births among teenagers, compared with 1.
In all, she has heard of more than 40 children who have suffered a range of serious illnesses - the lung disorder sarcoidosis; gastroschisis, where a baby's internal organs form outside the body; and abnormalities, such as missing or malformed limbs.