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An endoscope that is inserted through the mouth and used for examining the interior of the stomach.

gas′tro·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
gas·tros′co·pist (gă-strŏs′kə-pĭst) n.
gas·tros′co·py (-kə-pē) n.


(Medicine) a medical instrument for examining the interior of the stomach
gastroscopic adj
gastroscopist n
gasˈtroscopy n


(ˈgæs trəˌskoʊp)

an endoscope passed through the mouth for examining and treating the stomach.
gas`tro•scop′ic (-ˈskɒp ɪk) adj.
gas•tros•co•py (gæˈstrɒs kə pi) n., pl. -pies.
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Noun1.gastroscope - a type of endoscope for visually examining the stomach
endoscope - a long slender medical instrument for examining the interior of a bodily organ or performing minor surgery
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This can either be done endoscopically using a flexible endoscope to establish a fistula between cyst and stomach or with laparotomy, gastroscope and cystogastrostomy.
His work led to development of medical devices such as gastroscope, endoscope and bronchoscope.
In clinical trials, the instrument worked well mechanically, permitting navigation of the human colon, and subsequently was used as a gastroscope for animals in viewing the pyloric valve and duodenum.
Due to availability of equipment, a nasendoscope (Olympus ENF P3, Olympus Optical, Tokyo, Japan) inserted nasally was used at one institution and a gastroscope (Evis Exera 160 series gastroscope, Olympus Optical, Tokyo, Japan) inserted orally was used at the other.
While a gastroscope looks at the stomach, others, for example, can be inserted anally.
The foreign body was removed easily with a fiberoptic gastroscope.
Feeding habits of largemouth bass as revealed by gastroscope.
During my training in the early 1960s, the inventor of the flexible gastroscope, a flexible tube one-half inch in diameter, demonstrated the new invention.
You can image my surprise when the "N-G tube" turned out to be a standard diameter gastroscope, which looked to me like the diameter of the Holland Tunnel.
The i10 series endoscopes include the first diagnostic HD+ gastroscope with a 3.
Last June Eamon got his appointment for a gastroscope examination which checked the inside of his stomach and gullet.
With the specially-made pounds 14,000 paediatric gastroscope on site, children no longer have to wait to be treated, saving pain for them and worry for their parents.