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intr.v. gas·tru·lat·ed, gas·tru·lat·ing, gas·tru·lates
To form or become a gastrula.

gas′tru·la′tion (-lā′shən) n.


vb (intr)
to form a gastrula
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Opisthobranchs are known to gastrulate by a variety of methods including epiboly and emboly, or some combinations thereof (Thompson, 1958; Gohar and Soliman, 1967a, b; Williams, 1971; Soliman, 1978; Verdonk and Biggelaar, 1983; Schaefer, 1997).
More importantly, Nusse and his colleagues determined that Wnt-responsive cells in the embryoid bodies also spontaneously form a primitive streak, though they never truly gastrulate.
The mode of gastrulation correlates with the amount of yolk: yolky embryos gastrulate by epiboly; non-yolky embryos by invagination (Okada, 1970).
palmata embryos appeared to gastrulate via invagination, as has been described for other Acropora spp.