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adj.1.entering a gathering uninvited; as, gate-crashing guests disrupted the party.
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When Nina Collins (Anna Kendrick), a fellow member of a chronic pain support group, commits suicide, Claire develops a new addiction - gate-crashing the grief of Nina's husband Roy (Sam Worthington).
Eddie Howe's side lead the Championship and dream of gate-crashing the Premier League elite.
A manager at a top golf hotel was sacked after drunkenly gate-crashing a star bash.
The second episode captures another, even weirder side of small town American life as Leslie (Amy Poehler, inset) tries to prove she's just one of the guys by gate-crashing the all-male office hunting trip.
No one else could get away with gate-crashing an interview, revealing they had plyed Andy's Mum with drink and then claiming that Scotland had invented the world.
But after the infamous gate-crashing incident of the Salahis in November last year, the Indian embassy distanced itself from the event.
THE White House gate-crashing Salahis, Michaele and Tareq, weren't the first people to maneuver past Secret Service.
Nevins was one of two men jailed for beating to death 20-year-old disabled man Lee Jobling after drunkenly gate-crashing a party at his flat in Gateshead's Leam Lane Estate in April 2006.
So add "The day Gibbo sang Vindaloo after gate-crashing a wedding reception" to the list of crazy capers.
But because winning the game motivates this bird, rather than saving money, Lesser Jumpers proudly display their gate-crashing success for all to see (a perpetual sly smile is often a dead giveaway).
OLDHAM kept alive their outside chances of gate-crashing the play-offs with a demolition job on Bradford.
They spend all summer gate-crashing weddings, posing as distant relatives and becoming the life and soul of the reception.