gathering place

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Noun1.gathering place - a favorite haunt where people gathergathering place - a favorite haunt where people gather
hangout, haunt, stamping ground, resort, repair - a frequently visited place
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The Great Prairies appear to be the final gathering place of the red men.
And thus they made their leisurely way toward the gathering place of the tribe.
Never had that great gathering place, that incessant, aimless, unprogressive hurry of waste and battered things, been so crowded with strange and melancholy derelicts.
It will be a part of the Faculty of Education's new Aboriginal Gathering Place.
It became the largest and most prominent structure ever to grace this busy block, which, since the early years of the settlement, had served as town pound, gathering place, cemetery, armory, hearse house, fire station and school.
com)-- Cedar Brook Financial Partners' Rebecca Bar-Shain, CFP[R], MBA, has joined The Gathering Place board as a member of the governance committee.
Steak 'n Shake, a gathering place on many a Midwest roadside, is to give UAE munchers a taste of meat US style - after it announced its first foray overseas in the company's 78-year history.
Their donation will help support the construction of a gathering place that will "embrace and provide an inclusive and supportive learning and living environment for Aboriginal students, faculty and staff at the U of A.
Improvements have to be affordable, Councilman Steve Sojka said, but they can also be imaginative, stirring community interest in the arroyo as a gathering place, Councilman Steve Sojka said.
Commissioned by a local arts college as a gathering place for art installations, classes and performances, the leaf-like structures (made from slim plastic tubes) are intricately threaded together with white polypropylene string.
The plan is to create a community gathering place with a mixed use concept to draw people to the waterfront for festivals, events, dinner and shopping.
This is a gathering place for clergy and laity in the "emerging movement" in Christianity.