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gaud·y 1

adj. gaud·i·er, gaud·i·est
Showy in a tasteless or vulgar way. See Synonyms at garish.

[Possibly from gaudy (influenced by gaud).]

gaud′i·ly adv.
gaud′i·ness n.

gaud·y 2

n. pl. gaud·ies Chiefly British
A feast, especially an annual university dinner.

[Middle English gaudi, gaud, prank, trick, possibly from Old French gaudie, merriment (from gaudir, to enjoy, make merry, from Latin gaudēre, to rejoice) and from Latin gaudium, enjoyment, merry-making (from gaudēre, to rejoice; see gāu- in Indo-European roots).]
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Noun1.gaudiness - tasteless showinessgaudiness - tasteless showiness      
tastelessness - inelegance indicated by a lack of good taste
2.gaudiness - strident color or excessive ornamentation
ugliness - qualities of appearance that do not give pleasure to the senses


n (of colours)Knalligkeit f (inf); (of clothes, paint etc)Auffälligkeit f
References in classic literature ?
The baron, followed by the count, traversed a long series of apartments, in which the prevailing characteristics were heavy magnificence and the gaudiness of ostentatious wealth, until he reached the boudoir of Madame Danglars -- a small octagonal-shaped room, hung with pink satin, covered with white Indian muslin.
Their escort did not halt, however, but pushed on, followed by a great crowd of Mormons, until they reached a waggon, which was conspicuous for its great size and for the gaudiness and smartness of its appearance.
Why is there this gaudiness, this waste in a country where there are a lot of poor people?
He said it has been able to achieve a very high index in terms of human development away from the gaudiness that characterizes some of its neighbors.
This year's crop of Ganeshes -- about 13,000 of them, according to the evening news -- stood out for its gaudiness.
Because Little Richard was black, he didn't get the airplay but he represents everything I love about rock'n'roll – the irreverence, the gaudiness, the shady history, the preacher, everything about him.
That Steenkamp was a beauty whose face appeared in advertisements around the world, and who was a celebrity in South Africa in her own right, invests the tragedy with a gaudiness that will guarantee Pistorius' fall a place on newspaper front pages on every continent.
Many famous marriages are but a display of wealth and gaudiness.
One friend recalled a Lonmin executive whose obligatory Rolex watch and Mercedes typified the heedless gaudiness of money in such a divided country.
This grocery store is so big, its gaudiness scares me, the choice it offers flatters me.
And as first support act Shockolady came on to belt out Elton John numbers in karaoke fashion the impression of gaudiness was only further entrenched.