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This section also touches on the critically acclaimed and successful film, Ofelas, or "Pathfinder," (Nils Gaup, 1987), as well as the general rise in popularity of Hollywood-style genre films.
The most comprehensive descriptive work in this regard have been those of Gaup (1886), Dunlap (1960), Andersen (1978) and, more recently, Burton (1996, 1998a,b, 2001, 2004).
Vaskuler lezyonlar ile depresyon arasindaki iliski ilk olarak 1905 yilinda "Ileri Yasta Depresif Durumlar" isimli eserinde Gaup tarafindan bildirilmis ve "Aterosklerotik Depresif Bozukluk" olarak isimlendirilmistir (7).
Desde el hito de Pathfinder en 1987, dirigida por el sami Nils Gaup, hasta los mas recientes Smoke Signals (1998) y Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (2001), los medios globales se han convertido en un poderoso terreno de producciones audiovisuales a traves del que directores y activistas indigenas se apropian de las tecnologias usadas en el Norte para documentar las tradiciones culturales, contrarrestar las desfiguraciones de los pueblos aborigenes, y construir un futuro cultural indigena.
Mary and I used to go to the GAUP (go as you please) contests a good while ago and since then we have sadly lost touch.
It is true that the neighbouring village, Gabhdeya Gaup has electricity but that does not bring any joy to the villagers of Sarjam Ikir dogged by an abysmal lack of facilities on several counts.
However, the relationship among components GAR and GAUP is not so strong (correlation of .
10pm Shipwrecked (adventure) Directed by Nils Gaup Starring Gabriel Byrne, Louisa-Millwood-Haigh, Eva von Hanno A young Norwegian boy in 1850s England goes to work as a cabin boy and discovers some of his shipmates are actually pirates.
With: Anni-Kristiina Juuso, Mikkel Gaup, Mikael Persbrandt, Bjorn Sundquist, Michael Nyqvist, Aslat Mahtte Gaup, Nils Poder Isaksen Ganp, Sverre Porsanger, Peter Andersson, Jorgen Langhelle, Stig Henrik Hoff, Knut Walle, Silje Holtet, Eirik Junge Eliassen, Inger Utsi, Ole Nicklas Guttorm, Inga Juuso, Beaska Niilas, Jovsset Heandrat, Ingunn Beate Olsen, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.
ADJAGAS Fresh from opening this year's Glastonbury festival, Norwegian duo Sara Mariella Gaup and Lawra Somby come into the dry of the Glee Club to offer their gentle and peaceful tunes.