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Noun1.gauze bandage - (medicine) bleached cotton cloth of plain weave used for bandages and dressingsgauze bandage - (medicine) bleached cotton cloth of plain weave used for bandages and dressings
bandage, patch - a piece of soft material that covers and protects an injured part of the body
cotton - fabric woven from cotton fibers
petrolatum gauze - gauze saturated with petrolatum
surgical dressing - a loosely woven cotton dressing for incisions made during surgery
medical specialty, medicine - the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
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It looks like a simple gauze bandage, but has been coated with Celox Granules to give its unique properties.
75 x 3 inches 6510-00-597-7469 12 Triangular sling with safety pins 6510-00-201-1755 3 Lower Pocket Contents Surgical adhesive tape, 2" x 30' 6510-00-926-8883 1 Cotton gauze bandage, 4.
After being discharged from the delivery room, the female doctor told me that Nada had a normal delivery but experienced minor bleeding, and that she had put a gauze bandage to stop the bleeding.
Dry carefully, and apply a light dressing of fluffed-up, dry gauze bandage.
Pio's hair, a gauze bandage that had been wrapped around his ribs, and a pair of his gloves.
They then applied both types of chemicals to corals by placing the chemicals into gel matrix bound to a strip of window screen, forming something similar to a gauze bandage and applying that directly to the corals.
A gauze bandage dampened with sterile saline solution can be put over the eye and taped to hold it on, with elastic bandaging going over the top of the head (between the ears), over the eye and under the jaw, making a complete circle around that side of his head to hold it on.
I started my working life as a cadet nurse and suspect there will be few alive today who could correctly roll and apply a gauze bandage or shape a stiffly starched traycloth of linen into a nurse's winged headdress, held together by a single, hidden safety pin.
Bulkee II (compare to Kerlix[TM]) 100% cotton, 6-ply gauze bandage features finely finished edges and more cushioning than others.