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1. A French peasant dance of Baroque origin in moderately quick duple meter.
2. The music for this dance.

[French, from Provençal gavoto, from gavot, native of the Alps, possibly from gava, crop of a bird, from Vulgar Latin *gaba, gullet, throat.]

ga·votte′ v.


(ɡəˈvɒt) or


1. (Dancing) an old formal dance in quadruple time
2. (Classical Music) a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance
[C17: from French, from Provençal gavoto, from gavot mountaineer, dweller in the Alps (where the dance originated), from gava goitre (widespread in the Alps), from Old Latin gaba (unattested) throat]



1. an old French dance in moderately quick quadruple meter.
2. a piece of instumental music in the rhythm of the gavotte.
[1690–1700; < French < Occitan gavoto a mountaineer of Provence]


A kind of folk dance originating from Gap, in the Haute- Alpes region fo France.
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Noun1.gavotte - an old formal French dance in quadruple time
social dancing - dancing as part of a social occasion
2.gavotte - music composed in quadruple time for dancing the gavotte
dance music - music to dance to


[gəˈvɒt] Ngavota f


nGavotte f
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Again, there was the little French chevalier opposite, who gave lessons in his native tongue at various schools in the neighbourhood, and who might be heard in his apartment of nights playing tremulous old gavottes and minuets on a wheezy old fiddle.
Contract notice: Redevelopment of public facilities in the gavotte district
Pakistan continues to pivot towards Russia and China and is increasingly exasperated with militant India under Modi who is also dancing a careful gavotte with the Americans.
So it was with the teenage Mozart, whose Violin Concerto No 4 and Symphony No 15 formed the focal points of this Orchestra of the Swan concert, with Tamsin Waley-Cohen's performance of the concerto providing the sublime element (although her encore, the Gavotte from Bach's Third Partita, came a very close second).
The Gavotte, marked Allegretto, was full of life, the smiling musicians communicating the joy they felt to the capacity audience.
For the orchestral version there survive an autograph full score and a copyist's set of parts, each of them containing only two movements--an opening Allegro, and a Gavotte that later found its way into Faure's suite Masques et bergamasques.
My wife often says that my music sounds too aACAyclassical' and it has less groove in it, yet people used to dance on Burree and Gavotte in mid-19th century.
Benton turned down the offer, although in 1954, the year before the epochal Crockett craze began, he accepted a commission to portray Lancaster as the Kentuckian--in a sycophantic Boys' Life-style pinup the actor accepted as a trophy; aside from the odious Negro and Alligator, 1927, a shuffling gavotte once owned by King Vidor, this work may well mark the exhibition's nadir.
While in the case of Benda this could have been expected, Jiranek was a pleasant surprise, and I consider his Sonata in C major, featuring a wonderful Adagio and refined, variational Gavotte, the apex of the entire recording.
The 10-minute piece was a mixture of traditional Victorian dances including the Waltz, Polka, Portland, Gavotte and Quadrille and was performed in the Museum's Masonic Hall at regular intervals throughout the day.
This gavotte has become colloquially known as the "doc fix.
Preludio, Allemande y Gavotte de Robert de Visee (1650- 1732) pertenecen a la Suite en Re, para Tiorba, publicada en 1699 (29).