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n. Slang
The supposed ability to discern whether a person is gay or lesbian.

[Blend of gay and radar.]


informal the supposed ability of a homosexual person to recognize whether another person is homosexual
[C20 from gay + (ra)dar]


(ˈgeɪ dɑr)

Slang. the ability of a homosexual to recognize that another person is homosexual.
[1980–85;b. gay and radar]


[ˈgeɪdɑːr] nsixième sens m (pour repérer les homosexuels)
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In 2003, I got into a bit of trouble with the electorate, with the Mail On Sunday, with a whole load of journalists because it was revealed by the Mail On Sunday that I had been using a gay dating website called Gaydar.
Dewani, 31, was a Gaydar member from 2004 until a week after Anni died, unchallenged court papers show.
The admissions show that Dewani was logged into Gaydar while waiting with his new bride for their connecting flight to Cape Town.
The phenomenon of gaydar has been described, nebulously, as an "unmistakable tingle," by Brian Herrera (24), who emphasizes its apparently intuitive characteristics, and has become so familiar to American culture in general that Urban Dictionary defines 'gaydar' as "the intuitive ability to determine whether another person is gay or not," noting as well that "Gaydar is not based on whether a man is flamboyant or a lesbian is masculine.
Plans to introduce a new mobile dating service via its Gaydar online dating and lifestyle portals have been unveiled by QSoft Consulting (QSoft), a gay media owner.
The park's owners, Tussauds Group, teamed up with lifestyle website Gaydar to organise a day aimed at attracting the 'pink pound'.
The professor's gaydar can spot those Certain Ways from across the street--on the basis, for example, of the pronunciation a man gives the sound s: closer to the front of the mouth, like a woman's.
From the beginning, there wasn't much doubt we could handle and track inventory more efficiently than we were," explains procurement operations manager Paul Gaydar.
Our partnership with Gaydar has been highly rewarding not least by the lessons learned through delivering the world's first mobile dating community".
We love new artists who ping our gaydar in a worthy way, and our latest discovery is a Los Angeles-based queer, synth R&B artist-in-love who has released her debut LP, Medicines.
In 2003, the tabloid press published pictures they had procured from his Gaydar profile alongside transcripts of sexually explicit messages he sent to other site users.
Stephen Armstrong-Smith told police he had joined a website called gaydar.