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A large African monkey (Theropithecus gelada) of Ethiopia that resembles a baboon but has a bright patch of naked red skin on the chest and a large broad mane covering the shoulders. The gelada has an opposable thumb that it uses to gather grass seeds to eat. Also called gelada baboon.

[Amharic č̣əllada.]


(ˈdʒɛlədə; ˈɡɛl-; dʒɪˈlɑːdə; ɡɪ-)
(Animals) a NE African baboon, Theropithecus gelada, with dark brown hair forming a mane over the shoulders, a bare red chest, and a ridged muzzle: family Cercopithecidae. Also called: gelada baboon
[probably from Arabic qilādah mane]
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CONSERVATIONIST and TV presenter Bill Oddie will open the PS20,000 Baboons on the Bank exhibit at DZG featuring a family group of Gelada baboons, on Bank Holiday Monday, August 25.
In the study, researchers looked at gut bacteria taken from people and from primates called gelada baboons, and found that bacteria fed with predigested grass produced a smaller amount of compounds called short-chain fatty acids, which trigger the production of appetite-reducing gut hormones, compared with the bacteria fed with predigested potatoes.
Among those featured in the calendar are Bornean orang utans, Rotschild giraffes, Gelada baboons, Stanley cranes - the national bird of South Africa - a rhinoceros and iguana.
Ferrari's team is now studying mother-infant interactions in gelada baboons.
Murray Abraham escorts viewers through sundry mating rituals, from minuscule jumping spiders whose males' choreographed dances woo females (who may eat them during copulation -- oops) to gelada baboons, whose women select their males based on the color and heat emanating from their chest patches of exposed skin.
The team was rewarded by incredible mountain views and seeing gelada baboons, ibex and a host of birds.
Cameras show gelada baboons screaming to frighten off predators in China, demoiselle cranes struggling to fly over the Himalayas, and snow leopards hunting on the Pakistan peaks.
The pair are the first Gelada baboons to be born in captivity in the UK.
High up in the Ethiopian mountains live the peaceloving gelada baboons who settle disputes by pulling faces.
In the Ethiopian mountains, four kilometres above sea level, 800-strong bands of gelada baboons roam the moorlands.
T he hairy gelada baboons huddled together against the pelting hailstones look like a bedraggled bunch of commuters waiting for a bus, although four kilometres up in the desolate mountains of Ethiopia, they'd have to wait forever to see one.
FIVE male Gelada baboons have settled well into their new hillside home after moving from Austria.