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 (jə-lä′tō, jĕ-)
n. pl. ge·la·ti (-tē)
An Italian ice cream or sorbet.

[Italian, from past participle of gelare, to freeze; see gelatin.]


(dʒəˈlɑ ti)

a rich ice cream made with eggs.
[1980–85; < Italian, pl. of gelato, n. use of past participle of gelare to freeze; see gelatin]
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In the fall of 2006 it was offered as Cherry Gelati in the company's Limited Edition line.
Jack paired up with Cos-tas Jacovides, a Cypriot in the Pioneer Corps, and spent a few nights on a local farm before moving to the home of a district nurse, Bianca Gelati, and her sister in the village of Fontanellato.
5 Feast your eyes on recipes from around the world with Gelati, Sorbets And Ice Creams, pounds 8.
The chain offers a variety of frozen treats including its famous Italian Ice, Old Fashioned Frozen Custard and layered Gelati as well as its signature Misto[TM] and Blendini[TM] creations.
Rita's, the "Home of Cool Treats," offers many delicious options that combine their famous Italian Ice and award-winning Old-Fashioned Frozen Custard, including layered Gelati, blended Misto Shake, and a personalized Blendini which mixes Italian Ice, Frozen Custard and a delicious topping.
Afternoon tea should be about relaxing in the inviting ambiance of our cafe space with a light snack of a Mignon, Cannoli or Biscotti or treating oneself to an array of Gelati in 24 delicious flavours, it stated.
Many reckon that an Italian meal isn't complete without gelati and at Zucca the dessert selection includes a taster platter of eight different home-made ice-creams and sorbets.
We loved the chocolate hazelnut and chocolate gelati -- and are anxious to try some other flavors.
The dessert list is excellent, from a fresh strawberry, mascarpone and vanilla tart to panettone bread and butter pudding with caramel sauce and the usual pannacotta, tiramisu and gelati to boot.
in addition to its signature Italian style water ices, Rita's also offers cream ices, which are smoother than Italian ice, but not as heavy as ice cream; frozen custard; a gelati made of layers of Italian ice and frozen custard; and its proprietary
And it is hard to get youngsters past the endless cafs offering mouth-watering gelati.