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 (jə-lä′tō, jĕ-)
n. pl. ge·la·ti (-tē)
An Italian ice cream or sorbet.

[Italian, from past participle of gelare, to freeze; see gelatin.]


n, pl -ti
(Cookery) Italian ice-cream
[C20: Italian, literally, frozen]
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The only disappointing flavor was the pomegranate gelato, which lacked the tartness and intensity that makes the fruit seeds and juice so delicious.
The fourth stop of the "Gelato World Tour", organised by Company CARPIGIANI, the leading manufacturing company for ice-cream production machines, will shortly land in sunny Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to carry on with its mission to promote "gelato": fresh, genuine and nutritious, gelato is not to be confused with ordinary, mass-produced "ice-cream".
In light of creating a new niche market for ice cream, scientists at New Mexico State University have developed gelato that's been fortified with whey protein concentrate (WPC).
The existing facility produces fresh and natural gelato (no preservatives or colourants) in more than 40 flavours, and products such as cakes and finger food.
We have had such great feedback from our customers regarding the gelato and sorbetto we produce we wanted to enter our four most popular flavours for the Great Taste Awards 2014 to see what the judges would think.
The southern-inspired dessert is the brainchild of gelato-maker Jackson Smith, who along with long-time friend and business partner Wes Jones and Khatera Ballard, sought to create made-from-scratch gelato from natural ingredients largely sourced from local food and produce suppliers.
In addition to gelato, Ice offers made-to-order crepes, Cha iced teas and Caffe Vita espresso drinks.
The move will bolster Unilever's ice cream portfolio and help to further capitalise on the growth of the premium gelato market.
Both siblings will be at the grand opening celebration to meet the community and personally serve gelato and coffee drinks to guests.
Why do you think gelato is so popular all over the world?
Chef Susan is determined to share her vegan gelato creations as a bridge to open minds and tastebuds to the concept of a plant-based lifestyle.
Building on that experience, Muse has set up shop in two key locations, the Whole Foods Markets in Winter Park and Palm Beach Gardens where many of the Muse Gelato flavors are scooped fresh in the Bakery departments of those stores.