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1. (Cookery) (in cookery) a jelly
2. (in cosmetics) a gel


(French ʒəle)
(Biography) Claude (klod). the original name of Claude Lorrain



a cosmetic gel.
[< French; see jelly]
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Hausse des salaires : une decision gelee et non annulee
L'aide devait etre versee le 1er janvier mais a ete gelee jusqu'a ce que Donald Trump termine son examen du soutien americain a l'Autorite palestinienne, ajoute le site.
The collection includes Curl Stretch Pudding, Detangling Shampoo, Leave-In or RinseOut Conditioner, Reshaping Shine Butter and Styling Gelee.
Starting from the bottom, a layer of Prickled quail egg yolk sets in a ham gelee garnished with diced asparagus and ham.
is made with pate brisee, almond dacquoise, yuzu gelee, vanilla mousse and fresh strawberries.
Au cours de ces jours, le temps sera marque par un ciel clair a peu nuageux, verglas ou gelee dans l'Atlas, un vent faible a modere de secteur nord.
Other personal care solutions from Lubrizol include Scoopable Minty Crushed Ice Skin Gel, Frosty Facial Sorbet Moisturizer, Radiant Face Beauty Essence, Clear Sculpting Skin Massage Gelee and Raspberry Lip Gloss Jelly.
CHAMPAGNE GELEE - SERVES 6 INGREDIENTS 1 tablespoon plus 3/4 teaspoon powdered gelatin 3/4 cup plus 3 tablespoons (7.
Gelee locale sur les reliefs, les hauts plateaux, le sud-est et les plateaux de Phosphates.
The Honey Blossom range contains natural ingredients such as honey and propolis extracts and gelee royale.
The culinary selection for the dinner will include golden Osetracaviar, slow-cooked braised beef ravioli with foie gras, cassoulet of lobster with duck sausage, tarbais beans, fines herbs and garlic fondue, Wagyu beef tenderloin with wild mushroom capsule, chorizo emulsion and black truffles, green apple caramel and finally, fourmed'Ambert with walnut toast, fennel marmalade, honey gelee and gastrique.