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A numerological system used in kabbalah and other forms of Jewish mysticism that assigns numerical values to words based on the fixed numerical values of their letters.

[Mishnaic Hebrew gîmaṭriyyâ, from Greek geōmetriā, geometry; see geometry.]


(Judaism) Judaism a system of assigning numerical values to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, esp when used by cabbalists to interpret the Hebrew scriptures


(gəˈmeɪ tri ə)
a cabbalistic system of interpretation of the Scriptures by substituting for a particular word another word whose letters give the same numerical sum.
[1685-95; < Hebrew gēmaṭriyā < Greek geōmetría geometry]


A magico-philosophical science of numbers found in the cabala and based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
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On another subject, Gematria was mentioned in Anil's article "Self Defining Numbers" (and has also been mentioned in several preceding issues).
Jaap van Benthem applies gematria to elucidate O Virgo prudentissima, while Stefano Mengozzi uses Ut Phebi radiis as a vehicle to explore the intersection of the concepts of diatonic pitch (claves) and hexachord/solmization in compositional practice.
He came to despise traditional rabbinic methods of mystically interpreting the holy text such as gematria, the assignment of numerical value to the letters, the sort of thing that had fascinated an earlier generation of Christian Hebraists.
Other methods are Gematria (a system of assigning numerical value to a word or phrase, in the belief that words or phrases with the same numerical value bear some relation to each other) and Notarikon (a method of deriving a word, akin to the creation of an acronym, by using each of its initial or final letters to stand for another word, forming a sentence or idea out of the words).
Gematria Calculator--Gematria, part of Kabbalisric thought, assigns a numerical value to each of the Hebrew alphabet's 22 letters, used to decode deeper meanings in Hebrew words and phrases.
Honi the Circle Drawer, Jesus Christ, and the Greek Gods Apollo, Zeus, and Hermes: The evidence of gematria and sacred geometry in late Judaism, early Christianity and into medieval times.
1) The Yiddish words apikoyres (free thinker, heretic) and gematria (computation of the numerical value of letters in a word) are or Greek or Yavanic origin.
Elvira Giosi's "A Franciscan Explanation of the cinquecento dieci e cinque" adds fruitfully to the scholarship of this enigma through Hebrew gematria.
One correspondent said he knew the man well and that he used to be a wizard and was highly knowledgable in occult and gematria (the ancient Hebrew meaning of glyths and manipulation of numbers).
I received a plethora of letters and emails from people who remembered the old man of Calderstones Park, who, it turned out, was not a tramp at all - but allegedly a 'fallen' real-life wizard who had studied alchemy in old Prague, and was highly knowledgeable in the occult sciences of ' High Magic' and gematria.
Others believe it is based on the Greek and Hebrew tradition of gematria, assigning each letter a numeric value and then totalling it for the `number' of a name.