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v. gem·i·nat·ed, gem·i·nat·ing, gem·i·nates
1. To double.
2. To arrange in pairs.
3. Linguistics To make into a geminate.
1. To occur in pairs.
2. Linguistics To become a geminate.
adj. (-nĭt, -nāt′)
Forming a pair; doubled.
n. (-nĭt, -nāt′) Linguistics
A long or doubled consonant sound, such as the tt in the Italian word sotto or the nn in the English word thinness.

[Latin gemināre, gemināt-, from geminus, twin.]

gem′i·na′tion n.


(Botany) combined in pairs; doubled: a geminate leaf; a geminate consonant.
to arrange or be arranged in pairs: the 't's in 'fitted' are geminated.
[C17: from Latin gemināre to double, from geminus born at the same time, twin]
ˈgeminately adv


(v. ˈdʒɛm əˌneɪt; adj., n. -nɪt, -ˌneɪt)

v. -nat•ed, -nat•ing,
adj., n. v.t., v.i.
1. to make or become doubled or paired.
2. combined or arranged in pairs; coupled.
3. a doubled consonant sound.
[1590–1600; < Latin geminātus, past participle of gemināre to double, derivative of geminus twin]
gem′i•nate•ly, adv.
gem`i•na′tion, n.


Past participle: geminated
Gerund: geminating

I geminate
you geminate
he/she/it geminates
we geminate
you geminate
they geminate
I geminated
you geminated
he/she/it geminated
we geminated
you geminated
they geminated
Present Continuous
I am geminating
you are geminating
he/she/it is geminating
we are geminating
you are geminating
they are geminating
Present Perfect
I have geminated
you have geminated
he/she/it has geminated
we have geminated
you have geminated
they have geminated
Past Continuous
I was geminating
you were geminating
he/she/it was geminating
we were geminating
you were geminating
they were geminating
Past Perfect
I had geminated
you had geminated
he/she/it had geminated
we had geminated
you had geminated
they had geminated
I will geminate
you will geminate
he/she/it will geminate
we will geminate
you will geminate
they will geminate
Future Perfect
I will have geminated
you will have geminated
he/she/it will have geminated
we will have geminated
you will have geminated
they will have geminated
Future Continuous
I will be geminating
you will be geminating
he/she/it will be geminating
we will be geminating
you will be geminating
they will be geminating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been geminating
you have been geminating
he/she/it has been geminating
we have been geminating
you have been geminating
they have been geminating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been geminating
you will have been geminating
he/she/it will have been geminating
we will have been geminating
you will have been geminating
they will have been geminating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been geminating
you had been geminating
he/she/it had been geminating
we had been geminating
you had been geminating
they had been geminating
I would geminate
you would geminate
he/she/it would geminate
we would geminate
you would geminate
they would geminate
Past Conditional
I would have geminated
you would have geminated
he/she/it would have geminated
we would have geminated
you would have geminated
they would have geminated
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.geminate - a doubled or long consonant; "the `n' in `thinness' is a geminate"
consonant - a speech sound that is not a vowel
Verb1.geminate - form by reduplication; "The consonant reduplicates after a short vowel"; "The morpheme can be reduplicated to emphasize the meaning of the word"
linguistics - the scientific study of language
duplicate, reduplicate, repeat, replicate, double - make or do or perform again; "He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick"
2.geminate - occur in pairs
geminate, pair - arrange in pairs; "Pair these numbers"
occur - to be found to exist; "sexism occurs in many workplaces"; "precious stones occur in a large area in Brazil"
3.geminate - arrange in pairs; "Pair these numbers"
arrange, set up - put into a proper or systematic order; "arrange the books on the shelves in chronological order"
geminate, pair - occur in pairs
4.geminate - arrange or combine in pairs; "The consonants are geminated in these words"
double, duplicate - increase twofold; "The population doubled within 50 years"


To make or become twice as great:
Composed of two parts or things:
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What started as a small part-time venture with a wood-fired oven in the garden of his home in Powburn, Northumberland, has now geminated into an altogether bigger affair.
Chestnuts that were geminated were transplanted into plastic bags that were placed in the same shaded nursery.
The quantities below are given as an indication and are not exhaustive: - creation, reconstitution or renovation of the geminated bays (quantity = 12) 440 m 2 - renovation of the walls and pillars of the rotunda 1142 m 2 - refurbishment The masonry in the height of the rotunda 1200 m 2 - the posts: F.
Number of geminated seeds was counted after 10 days of sowing and calculated germination percentage as following formula
Prevalence of fused and geminated teeth in Jordanian adults.
weak verbs in OE attend to a division into so-called Class I, characterised by a geminated consonant and the loss of an original stem or thematic vowel-i- from West Germanic, and Class II, which retains a thematic vowel-o- from the cited West Germanic ancestor.
Since orthographic double consonants are not geminated in German, it stands to reason that, at least in speech, words with short vowels followed by double consonants take less time to enunciate than their long-vowel counterparts.
The periapical radiograph exhibited that the crowns and the roots were fused with complete union of their pulp chambers and presence of single pulp chamber and root canal, which is one of the distinguishing features of geminated teeth from fusion.
a 'fish:NOM/GEN'), while the partitive and illative forms both have a geminated second consonant (kannala 'fish:PART/ILL').
The association of Aramaic hlw with Ugaritic hi is equally problematic, since the expanded form hlny, vocalized al-li-ni-ya, exhibits a geminated l, which is noticably absent from the Biblical Aramaic form 'aluw.
The seeds at first are sterilized with hypo chloride sodium %3 in 2 minutes and then washed by 3 times superficially with distilled water and 50 seeds transferred to glass Petri dish with 10 cm diameter and for the duration of the experiment 5ml solution with different levels was added to each Petri dish and for 14 days were transferred to a 20[+ or -] 1[degrees]C temperature with darkness condition and the number of geminated seeds in each day was counted and recorded.
If a short vowel is found in the first syllable the onset of the second syllable gets geminated and becomes coda of the first syllable and the onset of the second syllable.