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adj. gem·mi·er, gem·mi·est
1. Full of or set with gems.
2. Glittering like a gem.


(ˈdʒɛm i)

adj. -mi•er, -mi•est.
1. having gems; set with gems.
2. like a gem, esp. in being bright or sparkling.
gem′mi•ly, adv.
gem′mi•ness, n.
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The emerald crystals that extend into the quartz lens with their bases at the schist contact are typically darkened by phlogopite inclusions near the base and become gemmier as they extend into the quartz.
Emeralds of the latter type are enclosed and protected by white quartz, and consequently tend to be gemmier.
Some of the smaller specimens are single, one-domain crystals, or two thick ones side by side, and these are gemmier than the larger pieces while being just as nicely bicolored pale pink and pale green.
The largest of the new painite crystals are somewhat crude, rough-surfaced prisms to more than 3 cm, while smaller, sharper, gemmier crystals are 1 cm or less; the latter are raspberry-red tinged with brown, and transparent throughout.
The current shaft is about 40 feet below grade and the mine is producing larger and gemmier crystals with depth.