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Reproducing by buds or gemmae.

[Latin gemma, bud; see gemma + -parous.]

gem·mip′a·rous·ly adv.


(Biology) (of plants and animals) reproducing by gemmae or buds. Also: gemmiferous
gemˈmiparously adv
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A pot experiment focusing on the AV loss from DSR fields in gemmiparous and early seedling stages indicated that monthly AV loss from rice fields with different nitrogen managements accounted for 27.
In flooding irrigation fields, 30-50 mm standing water (up to 10 mm in gemmiparous and early seedling stage) was maintained except in later tillering and yellow maturity period.
The lower and upper thresholds of soil moisture for controlled irrigation were 80% of saturated soil moisture and 10mm ponding water in gemmiparous and seedling sta ge, and in other stages were the same to the thresholds reported by Xu et al.