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also ge·mote  (gə-mōt′)
A public meeting or local judicial assembly in Anglo-Saxon England.

[Old English gemōt : ge-, collective pref.; see kom in Indo-European roots + mōt, assembly.]


(ɡɪˈməʊt) or


(Historical Terms) (in Anglo-Saxon England) a legal or administrative assembly of a community, such as a shire or hundred
[Old English gemōt moot]


or ge•mote


(in Anglo-Saxon England) a legislative or judicial assembly.
[Old English gemōt=ge- collective prefix + mōt meeting; see moot]
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Evaporating trust means that companies sometimes have little choice but to communicate where they sit on various issues, make bold moral actions, and take clear political stances when necessary," noted Carli Gemot, manager of trends, North America at Mintel.
Looking ahead to 2018, Stacy Bingle, consumer trends consultant at Mintel, and Carli Gemot, Mintel's manager of trends for North America, also highlight the major consumer trends predicted to play out in North America in the coming months and years.
According to a recent study by Jonas Meckling and Gemot Wagner, at least 132 countries and subnational jurisdictions installed either a feed-in tariff or a renewable portfolio standard for their power sector by 2014.
By 2015, Gemot Wagner, at the time the top economist at the Environmental Defense Fund, a long-time efficiency champion, had acknowledged that rebound effects probably ranged from 20% to 60%, a level that he judged to be encouraging insofar as it seemed likely, to him at least, that 50% or more of the engineering-based estimates of energy savings due to efficiency improvements might ultimately be realized.
The audio balance between the artists in the hall and the cast on the Lake Stage was handled by Gemot Goegele and Alwin Boesch with 800 loudspeakers.
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En el piso 70 le sorprendera la vista de Manhattan, el Edificio Chrysler, la Estatua de la Libertad, el Central Park, los rios East y Hudson y maravillese ante Radiance, una espectacular pared de paneles de cristal, haces de barras de cristal e iluminacion con fibra optica creada por Gemot Langes Swarovski.
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Gemot Beckert, GM, EMEA region, says, "This new technology will allow us to offer our customers more specialized products, which are optimally designed for their specific applications.
Rauch, Bernhard, Max Gottsche, Gemot Brahler, and Stefan Engel.
statements Reinhard Schweppe 17 2007 Speech of Foreign Minister Frank- Speeches and Walter Steinmeier at UN Human Rights statements Council 18 2006 Speech of Minister of State Gemot Erler Speeches and on Multilateralism: Multilateralismus statements und die deutsche Aussenpolitik" 19 2000 Speech of Foreign Minister Joschka Speeches and Fischer at Forum Globale Fragen statements 20 1999 Speech of Foreign Minister Joschka Speeches and Fischer at Forum Globale Fragen statements Notes: ECOSOC, UN Economic and Social Council; NGOs, nongovernmental organizations; UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; EU, European Union; CND, UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs.
In August, Canadian geologist Gemot Wober of Braeval Mining Corp.