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Noun1.gender agreement - agreement in grammatical gender between words in the same construction
concord, agreement - the determination of grammatical inflection on the basis of word relations
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Last month's gender agreement, presented in Havana in the presence of top UN officials, is divided into four sections and focuses on eight subject areas.
The Dynamics of Nominal Classification: Productive and Lexicalised Uses of Gender Agreement in Mawng
Gender Agreement as a function of child gender was investigated using paired sample t-tests.
In general, research has focused on young children's ability to attribute gender in production tasks or on children's use of noun phrase (NP) gender agreement (Karmiloff-Smith, 1979; Mulford, 1985; Perez Pereira, 1991; Tucker et al.
There have been many studies of how gender agreement operations are carried out within the sentence.
This study investigates gender agreement variation across the Determiner Phrase (DP) in Afro-Bolivian Spanish (ABS), an Afro-Hispanic dialect spoken in Los Yungas, Department of La Paz, Bolivia.
geographical distance, age difference, gender agreement, number of siblings in the family).
The focus of the current paper is on the phenomenon of noun phrase internal gender agreement, as observed in the 12th century manuscript E of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, namely the Peterborough Chronicle (Bodleian MS.
Bock 1995; Bock and Eberhard 1993; Vigliocco and Nicol 1998) and gender agreement between a noun and a gender-marked element like an adjective or a definite determiner (see Schriefers and Jescheniak 1999 for an overview).
Curiously enough, three poems by Witi Ihimaera, also from New Zealand--"L'Ultimo Giorni" (The last days), "Oh Numi Tutelar" (Oh tutelary gods), and "Un Semplice Storia" (A simple story)--have Italian titles, the first and third deficient in number or gender agreement.
Still, Alarcon's off-camera question to the aide reveals something already known by millions of Spanish-speaking viewers: Many prominent Latino politicians who grew up at a time when their parents insisted they speak only English now struggle to find the right Spanish word, verb tense or gender agreement.
Chapter 6, on sex, gender, and the status of women, discusses the degree to which feminine suffixes are applied in nouns denoting occupations and professions and the social acceptability of such forms, and examines the relative authority of grammatical and natural gender agreement of subject and predicate ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.

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