gender bender

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gender bender

or gen·der-ben·der (jĕn′dər-bĕn′dər)
n. Slang
1. One whose dress or behavior does not conform to conventional gender roles.
2. Something, such as a theatrical performance or a book, whose portrayal of gender roles is nontraditional or androgynous.

gen′der-bend′ing (-bĕn′dĭng) adj. & n.

gen′der bend`er

Informal. one, as a cross-dresser, that blurs differences between the sexes.
gen′der-bend`ing, adj.
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Danger ingredients in it include hormone-disrupting compounds known as gender benders along with carcinogens.
Liverpool's Ultimate Fashion Queen is an opportunity for drag queens and kings and gender benders with a flair for design to show off their talents.
We are experts in this country at pandering to the so-called rights of all sorts of minorities, from gender benders and convicted killers to the Scots.
Gender benders are exemplified by performers like Madonna (to whom Layton dedicates an entire chapter), who "seem to want to turn up the heat on anxieties about gender, to deconstruct gender identity, to refuse binary constrictions," with the result that "as in postmodern theories, disruptions of normative connections between anatomy, gender identity, and sexual preference are in the foreground.