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gender bender

or gen·der-ben·der (jĕn′dər-bĕn′dər)
n. Slang
1. One whose dress or behavior does not conform to conventional gender roles.
2. Something, such as a theatrical performance or a book, whose portrayal of gender roles is nontraditional or androgynous.

gen′der-bend′ing (-bĕn′dĭng) adj. & n.


1. (Chemistry) chem causing a change of sex: gender-bending chemicals.
2. taking on the appearance of the opposite sex
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It's also a gender-bending tale, megged by Dan Villegas, with the leads inhabiting multiple persons and getting involved in multiple cross-gender relationships.
The gender-bending of the role highlights the ways in which Indian dancers were viewed as both fantastically desirable and unapproachably alien by European men in the 19th century, a point brought home by the inclusion in the sound score of Theophile Gautier's written account of his first encounters with devadasis, the inspiration for the ballet's original scenario.
The worldwide hit-maker performed his gender-bending and/or androgynous act, as how reports called his parody, during his annual All Night Stand concert held on December 24, 2015 at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul.
Colorful posters advertising various parties for every particular taste ("Tel-a-Beef," a performance by last year's gender-bending Eurovision champion Conchita Wurst, etc.
45PM Dustin Hoffman drags up as gender-bending TV soap star in sarcastic comedy with a great cast relishing a sparkling script.
Not N Ireland) Even Helen Mirren can't save this gender-bending spin on the Bard, a camp fandango compared to Julie Taymor's daring Titus in 1999.
Gender-bending developments push human society and evolution to the brink of radical transformation in this extraordinary, well-written, and succinctly presented "what-if" story.
However, the show has come for criticism with Ben Shapiro of Breitbart News writing that "nothing says 'child-appropriate material' quite like gender-bending underage superheroes.
In the '90s, P-Orridge took up another radical body art collaboration, together with the late Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, in their Pandrogyne project, which rook gender-bending and William Burroughs/Brion-Gysin's notions of the "third mind" and the cut-up method to aesthetic and biological extremes.
From girl sleuths to serial killers, topics include gender-bending in Barbara Neely's Blanche White series, deconstructing the private dick in Sue Grafton's alphabet series, and the role of the narrator in Barbara Vine's A Dark-Adapted Eye.
THE VERDICT Glenn Close got an Oscar-nomination for her role in this gender-bending period drama.
In fact, "Do it Like a Dude," the gender-bending reggae-tinged rapcore track that first made lezzie ears perk up and take notice has already hit No.