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(jĕn′dər-no͞o′trəl, -nyo͞o′-)
Free of explicit or implicit reference to gender or sex, as is the term police officer (instead of policewoman or policeman) or the term crewed (instead of manned).
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According to the European Commission in 1998, gender-neutral is a policy, programme or situation which has no differing positive or negative impact on anyone, be they women or men.
Among specific topics are common non-binary genders, Gender Recognition Act 2004, why inclusive environments are good for companies' output, using gender-neutral language, and disclosure and barring service checks.
With squash, Serena made a commitment to help reclaim the legacy of the sport for Pakistan but the sports diplomacy initiative has been used to promote healthier lifestyles, bring foreign athletes to Pakistan, and provide safe gender-neutral spaces for the youth to discover and polish their abilities.
ALES' first hair salon with gender-neutral pricing has opened its doors in Cardiff.
The athletics body admit that making races non-binary friendly might lead to issues over bathrooms and showering but say gender-neutral facilities should be considered "wherever possible".
Summary: New Delhi [India], February 02 (ANI): The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed a plea seeking to make rape, sexual harassment, molestation gender-neutral.
Toggle it on and be amazed at the number of words that fail its exacting gender-neutral test.
Pink recently explained why she and her husband, Carey Hart, have decided to raise their kids in a gender-neutral environment.
Leaders have been told to use gender-neutral phrases such as "hello everybody" when addressing troops.
SWANSEA Football Club is giving fans who do not identify as male or female the choice to opt for a gender-neutral 'Mx' prefix when being addressed.
1) Amongst many options available, these are the most frequently used gender-neutral pronouns, (see Table 1)