gene expression

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Noun1.gene expression - conversion of the information encoded in a gene first into messenger RNA and then to a protein
organic phenomenon - (biology) a natural phenomenon involving living plants and animals
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com) finds that Gene Expression Markets in Europe earned revenues of US$405.
Researchers may someday look at a potential drug's effects on gene expression to determine whether it can change the aging rate.
Thus, the generation of more gene expression data is necessary in targeted pathologies such as inflammation, and a phenotypically anchored database should be targeted to specific common pathologies in the first instance so critical data masses of gene expression data can be collected.
Using an "Extraction-Transformation-Load" (ETL) paradigm borrowed from data warehousing, gene expression data is "published" into a single repository, normalizing diverse data and optimizing it for browsing and easy access.
Global profiling of gene expression is one attractive approach to assessing function.
Two recent events signal the role NIEHS is undertaking to increase support of research to enhance understanding of how environmental perturbations occurring throughout the life span can affect phenotypes at different stages of life and/or transgenerationally by altering gene expression though modification of DNA methylation and chromatin structure.
patents were granted for technology developed as a method for quantitative measurement of gene expression using multiplex competitive reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction.
In subsequent analyses, Rubin, who is now at Harvard University, and his coinvestigators reported in the May Journal of the National Cancer Institute that relatively high expression of the gene for EZH2, coupled with relatively low production of a molecule called E-cadherin, was more predictive of a recurrence of cancer after prostate surgery than was any other pair of the 14 markers of gene expression that the researchers were considering.
John Essigmann, a professor of chemistry, toxicology and biological engineering, conducts research on differential gene expression in response to exposure to aflatoxin, a natural DNA-damaging agent that is widespread in the environment.
The TGase I promoter is available through RCT's Gene Expression Technologies (GET) licensing program, which offers systems and components for gene expression at affordable costs.