gene expression

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Noun1.gene expression - conversion of the information encoded in a gene first into messenger RNA and then to a protein
organic phenomenon - (biology) a natural phenomenon involving living plants and animals
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Powerful and continually evolving methods, such as short-read sequencing (RNA-seq), microarray analysis, quantitative real-time RT-PCR, as well as traditional methods for differential gene expression studies using multiplex endpoint PCR and northern blot analysis are employed by scientists to analyze gene function, identify new therapeutic and diagnostic targets, and to map pathways involved in development and disease.
com) finds that Gene Expression Markets in Europe earned revenues of US$405.
The GXT program is gathering many of the world's most widely used gene expression systems, tools and genes into one convenient and affordable licensing program.
He has detected significant strain-dependent differences in gene expression in both baseline and treated colon tissue.
We're proud of our close working relationship with the NCI," said Agilent's Jordan Stockton, gene expression marketing manager, "especially in helping their researchers employ such emerging applications as aCGH and ChIP-on-chip in conjunction with gene expression to accelerate the search for ways of controlling cancer.
Predicting how any given toxicant will affect an organism is possible if similar compounds produce comparable changes in gene expression.
Using DNA microarray analysis, the team demonstrated the impact of HCB on gene expression in the spleen, mesenteric lymph node (MLN), thymus, blood, liver, and kidney.
Conduct synchronized analysis of gene expression data with pathology and clinical annotations to assess treatment or disease affects of submitted data
To help develop the guidance and learn how to address microarray data, the FDA Office of Testing and Research has launched two gene expression database projects.
Specializing in gene expression, genotyping and resequencing, our GLP and CLIA registered laboratory provides start to finish microarray contract testing offering high throughput, high quality and cost-effective results in a regulatory compliant environment to advance genomic science.
One goal of toxicogenomics is to use gene expression as a highly sensitive and informative marker for toxicity.