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Adj.1.genealogic - of or relating to genealogy; "genealogical records"
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Since the 1970s the discussion on the computerized classification of variants according to genealogic or statistic principles has not yet found such solutions which would make it possible to produce autonomous systems capable of replacing the editor's work completely.
There are maps of the city based on the quartermaster's records, a note on usage, and appendixes, which include genealogic tables, a list of abbreviations, notes, and works cited.
By using a frantic style, the author describes the character's struggling to obtain a positive result and jotting down a sort of genealogic tree in order to ease her mind from the anxiety that impedes her in the arithmetical operation.
However, such a genealogic link may be indirect and distant because a similar hypothesis for SARS-CoV has been under dispute: whether the CoV jumped from bats directly to humans or through civets or even through some other animals as intermediate hosts (30).
Other earlier genealogic studies have found increased rates of mental illness in the families of creative persons (Babcock, 1895; Galton, 1871, 1892; Juda, 1949; Kretschmer, 1931; Lombroso, 1891; Maudsley, 1895; Myerson & Boyle, 1941; Nisbet, 1900).
In one large analysis published in February in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, researchers at the University of Utah used records from a large health and genealogic database to study more than a million Utah residents.

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