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1. One who has broad general knowledge and skills in several areas.
2. A species whose members are able to live in a wide variety of habitats or consume a wide variety of foods.

gen′er·al·ist adj.


(ˈdʒɛnərəlɪst; ˈdʒɛnrə-)
a. a person who is knowledgeable in many fields of study
b. (as modifier): a generalist profession.
2. (Biology) ecology an organism able to utilize many food sources and therefore able to flourish in many habitats. Compare specialist3


(ˈdʒɛn ər ə lɪst)

a person whose knowledge, aptitudes, and skills are applied to a field as a whole or to a variety of different fields (opposed to specialist).


a person who has knowledge, aptitude, or skill in a variety of areas, as contrasted with a specialist.
See also: Skill and Craft
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Noun1.generalist - a modern scholar who is in a position to acquire more than superficial knowledge about many different interests; "a statistician has to be something of a generalist"
bookman, scholar, scholarly person, student - a learned person (especially in the humanities); someone who by long study has gained mastery in one or more disciplines
specialiser, specialist, specializer - an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning


nGeneralist(in) m(f)
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The Debate Over Generalist and Specialist Tutors: Genre Theory's Contribution.
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation(r) will provide up to 15 four-year awards of $300,000 in 2004 through the Generalist Physician Faculty Scholars Program.
Preceptorships with community physicians have been incorporated into medical curricula to foster interest in generalist careers.
A generalist on the court might have pointed out that both science and common sense recognize that a mother and her unborn child are biologically distinct individuals.
chairman and CEO) Michael (Eisner) if I can do this as my full-time job,'' Pressler joked, adding that his choice to succeed Tavares will be ``more of a generalist, someone who can build strategies and corporate sponsorships.
A second structure, the generalist camp, utilizes generalists to both live with campers and run a variety of activities.
AIMI) originally started in Neenah, Wisconsin, as a software generalist, custom-developing most software applications custom for each client.
On the other hand, a generalist may do a better job of coordinating a patient's care and keeping an eye on a person's overall health, says Martin T.
I've seen us go from generalist to specialist and now in many cases, back to generalist.
Within the alliance, professionals will fill many different roles in the continuum--from generalist to specialists.
According to Pruessner, Hensel, and Rasco (1992) generalist medicine would be ideal for the physician willing to accept "all persons and all problems," the doctor with a "taste for complexity, for jagged edges and sudden leaps" (pp.
A method favored by many managed care companies is to require beneficiaries to select a primary care provider, who is almost always a generalist (family practitioner, general internist, or pediatrician), to guide them through the health care system, the so-called gatekeeper model.