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Most things free-born will submit to anything for a salary; therefore, keep to yourself, and don't venture on generalities of which you are intensely ignorant.
An instance will do more than a volume of generalities to make my meaning clear.
My dear Rachel, intellectual generalities are always interesting, but generalities in morals mean absolutely nothing.
The average audience, I have come to believe, wants facts rather than generalities or sermonizing.
The particular faults from which these delicate generalities are distilled have distinguishable physiognomies, diction, accent, and grimaces; filling up parts in very various dramas.
We are just beginning to discern that certain conceptions of our relations to our fellow-men, once formulated in generalities which met with a dramatic acceptation from the world, and were then rejected by it as mere rhetoric, have really a vital truth in them, and that if they have ever seemed false it was because of the false conditions in which we still live.
Supposing we leave these generalities," Penelope remarked, "and get on with those questions which you wish to ask me.
But as I cannot hope for a wholly sympathetic audience--as there may be monks, misogynists, political economists, and other professedly hard-hearted persons present among those whom I now address--I think it best to keep to safe generalities, and to describe my love-making in as few sentences as the vast, though soft, importance of the subject will allow me to use.
At my age," added Sir Patrick, cunningly drifting into generalities, "nothing is serious--except Indigestion.
He wrote to me twice or thrice from F-, but his letters were most provokingly unsatisfactory, dealing in generalities or in trifles that I cared nothing about, or replete with fancies and reflections equally unwelcome to me at the time, saying next to nothing about his sister, and little more about himself.
cried Aunt Juley, hurrying away from generalities over the narrow summit of the down.
Having no clear idea what they were talking about, he wanted to confine himself to generalities.