genius loci

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ge·ni·us lo·ci

 (jē′nē-əs lō′sī′, -kē, -kī)
1. The distinctive atmosphere or pervading spirit of a place.
2. The guardian deity of a place.

[Latin genius locī : genius, spirit + locī, genitive sing. of locus, place.]

genius loci

(ˈdʒiːnɪəs ˈləʊsaɪ)
1. the guardian spirit of a place
2. the special atmosphere of a particular place
[genius of the place]

ge•ni•us lo•ci

(ˈgɛn ɪˌʊs ˈloʊ ki; Eng. ˈdʒi ni əs ˈloʊ saɪ, -kaɪ)

n. Latin.
1. guardian of a place.
2. the distinctive atmosphere of a place.

genius loci

A Latin phrase meaning the spirit of a place, used to mean the typical atmosphere or ambience of a place.
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Noun1.genius loci - the special atmosphere of a place
ambiance, ambience, atmosphere - a particular environment or surrounding influence; "there was an atmosphere of excitement"
2.genius loci - the guardian spirit of a place
guardian angel, guardian spirit - an angel believed to have special affection for a particular individual