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n. genioplastia, reconstrucción plástica de la mandíbula.
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Other procedures included breast augmentation, eyelid excision, and genioplasty - which describes cosmetic or corrective surgery on the chin.
The mandibular symphysis is widely used in facial skeletal surgery; its anatomical study impacts directly on such functional and esthetic corrections as a genioplasty associated with orthognathic surgery (Olate & de Moraes, 2014) as well as osteotomies to treat patients with a obstructive sleep apnea (Schendel et al.
Genioplasty is one of such the complex procedures done in oral and maxillofacial surgery.
Contributed by authors working in various surgical specialties in the US, the 54 chapters cover essential aspects like instrumentation and tissue handling, skin anatomy and wound healing, facial analysis, photography, alloplastic implants and genioplasty, and ethics; the facial nerve; oculoplastic surgery; surgery for the aging face; rhinoplasty; hair replacement; trauma; scar revision and the reconstructive ladder; head and neck neoplasms; and pediatric and craniofacial surgery.
Piezosurgery versus Traditional Instruments for Genioplasty
3,4 Surgical camouflage including rhinoplasty, genioplasty, cheiloplasty and maloplasty as adjunctive orthodontic procedure has become popular in the recent past again with the aim to improve the profiles.
Ancillary procedures included third molar extraction, septoplasty, genioplasty and coronoidectomy.
Sliding genioplasty was done after 3 months and for slight occlusal derangement patient was sent to orthodontist for post surgical orthodontics.
The patient had undergone bilateral mandibular ostectomies and a genioplasty for the purpose of reducing mandibular size, and was gastrostomy fed until the age of 11 years.
The figures also show around 59 patients have had facelifts or genioplasty ops to correct the profile of the chin while 130 have had tummy tucks.
The patient had a history of 3 caesarean sections, a hysterectomy, and bimaxillary advancement with genioplasty with no complications.