genius loci

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ge·ni·us lo·ci

 (jē′nē-əs lō′sī′, -kē, -kī)
1. The distinctive atmosphere or pervading spirit of a place.
2. The guardian deity of a place.

[Latin genius locī : genius, spirit + locī, genitive sing. of locus, place.]

genius loci

(ˈdʒiːnɪəs ˈləʊsaɪ)
1. the guardian spirit of a place
2. the special atmosphere of a particular place
[genius of the place]

ge•ni•us lo•ci

(ˈgɛn ɪˌʊs ˈloʊ ki; Eng. ˈdʒi ni əs ˈloʊ saɪ, -kaɪ)

n. Latin.
1. guardian of a place.
2. the distinctive atmosphere of a place.

genius loci

A Latin phrase meaning the spirit of a place, used to mean the typical atmosphere or ambience of a place.
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Noun1.genius loci - the special atmosphere of a place
ambiance, ambience, atmosphere - a particular environment or surrounding influence; "there was an atmosphere of excitement"
2.genius loci - the guardian spirit of a place
guardian angel, guardian spirit - an angel believed to have special affection for a particular individual
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The overall process was professionally managed by genius loci architekturcontor, Dipl.
Martin said: "A landscape archaeologist like myself, or a landscape historian of any type, takes buildings, roads and villages as the base units, but then looks beyond them to get a feel for the character of a place, the genius loci.
Petzetas (2008) kalba ICOMOS suvaziavime dar karta atspindejo romantizuota genius loci aspekta--genius loci kaip paveldo objekto duotybe.
gaze, 193 genius loci, 73 good urbanism, 247 green plantation wedges, 298 green recreational spaces, 282 green structure, 298
The inhabitants of this planet can get the atmosphere and mysterious genius loci of many places in the world without leaving their couch.
The research presented in this article aims at identifying those concepts on space and place, which might serve preservation of heritage sites, in defining the basic paradigmatic approaches for sustaining a genius loci phenomenon, and in determining possibilities to intentionally (re)create this phenomenon.
It's contemporary art, reflecting genius loci," says Topher, referring to one of the guiding principles of landscape design: a spirit of place.
Among the topics are rhetoric in the creation of Hamar culture, political discourse in an egalitarian society, predicaments of war and peace, the genius loci of Hamar, and magic and the rhetorical will.
The genius loci of these headquarters suited the rare items on display.
Anatol Rapaport's (1968) The Personal Element in Housing, John Turner's (1976) Housing by People, David Appleyard's (1979; Home, Yi-Fu Tuan's (1977) Space and Place, and Christian Norberg Schulz's (1980) Genius Loci are some of the works that have focused on the depiction of architecture as a way of identity expression or self realization.
Another essential of Ackroyd's London is the existence of areas within the city that are subject to peculiar temporal and special conditions as a result of which their genius loci has crucial influence on both the events happening in them and their inhabitants' lives, making the city "a place of echoes and shadows.
One would expect squalor or heaviness, some implicit genius loci, to color McCarty's modest American boxes, but they are deadpan and affectless.