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A light, buttery cake with a texture similar to sponge cake.

[French, from feminine of genois, Genoese, after Genoa.]


(dʒeɪˈnwɑːz; dʒɛˈnwɑːz)
(Cookery) cookery a rich sponge cake


a light yellow cake made with eggs and butter and typically layered, filled, and frosted or made into petits fours for serving.
[1930–35; < French; feminine of génois of Genoa]
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Noun1.genoise - rich and delicate Italian sponge cake
cake - baked goods made from or based on a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat
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And though all her cakes are admittedly eye candy, I never quite understood the hype until I finally got to try her famed Le Matcha - gluten-free goodness that is layers of flourless chocolate genoise, matcha panna cotta, white chocolate mousse, and matcha glaze topped with air-flown edible flowers - a sure crowd pleaser, I was sold at that very moment.
Chef Rebecca Disini offers Luxurious Mon Valentin (My Valentine) gluten-free chocolate genoise, camarosa and senga sengana strawberry cremeux, Belgian milk chocolate mousse, dark Belgian chocolate glaze and fresh strawberries.
The cakes come in flavors like Chocolate Caramel, Strawberry Rose and Lemon Walnut, each made with layers of chocolate and genoise sponge and topped with fruits and a Macaron de Paris, making them nice centerpieces for a celebration.
En effet, la societe de biscuiterie Bimo a decide d'ajouter a son produit phare, la fameuse genoise au cacao Merendina, la celebre boisson lactee rose, Raibi Jamila, pour concocter un cake inedit au chocolat fourre de creme au gout de grenadine.
In the dining room of The French Laundry in Yountville, I scraped the last dab of creme fraiche from my "Rhubarb Tea" dessert and silenced the tines of my fork after a futile search for remaining specks of spongy matcha genoise.
She had come close to leaving the tent in the first week after her attempts at a genoise and a mirror glaze cake went disastrously wrong.
it must be a relief to be faced with nothing more testing than a slightly flat genoise or an overbaked bit of gingerbread on Bake Off.
Candice just hurled her Genoise at the wall like a frisbee.
Between the 14th and 15th centuries the land was ruled both by the Byzantines and the Genoise.
To make the Genoise cake: 4 whole eggs 4 oz of caster sugar 4 oz plain flour Method 1.
Some of the recipes that will be taught include strawberry tart "royale", gateau concorde, genoise sponge, and marshmallow string.
So I decided upon a classic whisked egg genoise sponge upon which to build my mountain of delights.