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Noun1.genre painter - a painter of scenes from everyday life
painter - an artist who paints
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Although Weeks does not consider this, it is clear Lewis was always going to be a genre painter.
Aikema takes issue with a traditional interpretation of Bassano as essentially a genre painter who used religious subjects as a pretext for depicting the peasants and farm animals familiar to him in the rustic backwater where he lived.
Through his deliberate arrangement of form, color, and lighting, and his assimilation of the techniques of Northern Renaissance painting, Prior establishes himself as a contemporary genre painter.
Chardin quickly moved one rung up the ladder to become a genre painter, and although still not a prestigious title, he took the form to new heights.
Major figures like Turner and Constable are naturally given extended treatment, but a minor figure like William Collins (a friend of the genre painter David Wilkie, after whom he named his better known son, the novelist Wilkie Collins) is given thoughtful and sympathetic consideration - more sympathetic, perhaps, than the examples of his work shown here seem to justify.
Charles Robert Leslie was an Anglo-American genre painter who specialised in cabinet pictures on literary or historical themes, such as Sancho Panza in the Apartment of the Duchess (1843-44).
The shifting reputation of 17th-century Dutch genre painter Gabriel Metsu provides evidence of how an artist's popularity can experience swings of the pendulum.
Atmospheric, with loose brushwork and devoid of figures, they remind us that the artist was a distinguished painter of landscape and urban views; Tissot, on the other hand, was a genre painter and never painted pure landscape.
Ernest Meissonier was the epitome of the successful Salon genre painter.
The selection of illustrations is curious: why, for example, are there four images by the 19th-century genre painter Moritz Oppenheim, and two images each for Jacques Lipchitz and Amedeo Modigliani, when it surely would have been more illuminating to represent a wider range of artists?
ABOUT THE ARTIST Born in Paris as the son of a carpenter, Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin (1699-1779) would become widely accepted as the greatest still-life and genre painter of the 18th century.
Early fame and an undiminished ego led to an invitation to join the French Royal Academy, as a genre painter, in 1755.