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Plural of gens.
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Of this state hear what Cicero saith: Quam volumus licet, patres conscripti, nos amemus, tamen nec numero Hispanos, nec robore Gallos, nec calliditate Poenos, nec artibus Graecos, nec denique hoc ipso hujus gentis et terrae domestico nativoque sensu Italos ipsos et Latinos; sed pietate, ac religione, atque hac una sapientia, quod deorum immortalium numine omnia regi gubernarique perspeximus, omnes gentes nationesque superavimus.
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They are the opening words of Psalm 116: Laudate Dominum omnes gentes, laudate eum omnes populi, which translated means: Praise the Lord all ye nations, praise him all ye peoples.
Evangelization and Religious Freedom: Ad gentes, Dignitatis humanae.
This study reflects on Ad gentes and Dignitatis humanae in terms of (1) the genesis and history of the decree or declaration, (2) the major points of each document, (3) their implementation and reception or subsequent history, and (4) where the issues of mission and religious freedom stand today.
She places him in his world, explores his construction of gender in relation to violence and its expression and to sexual behavior, and looks at his presentation of gentes as a national group.
Survivors include his wife Avis of Stratton, his son James Marsh Pickering and his wife Maria, of Arkansas, his daughter Amy Kyle Pickering Howell, Stratton, VT, grandchildren Kristine Kyle Howell, Hooksett, NH, Jessica Whitney Howell, Stratton, VT, Kathryn Rose Gentes and Joshua Edward Gentes of Meredith, NH.
Dwell' stood among a strong field of worship projects," Gentes added, "that we considered for this year's award.
Where do the Jews fit in the Church's "missio ad gentes," which, in the context of the Gospels, is best translated as "mission to the gentiles"?
Laudate Dominum, omnes gentes,'' sang the choir and congregation: Praise God, all peoples.
Michael Gentes was appointed president of Swarovski America Ltd.
They include 19 Spanish interpreters, five Portuguese and one each who speak Vietnamese, Khmer, Cape Verdean and Haitian Creole, according to Gaye Gentes, manager of the office.