genus Aneides

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Noun1.genus Aneides - climbing salamandersgenus Aneides - climbing salamanders      
amphibian genus - any genus of amphibians
family Plethodontidae, Plethodontidae - small mostly terrestrial New World salamanders having neither lungs nor gills as adults
climbing salamander - any of several North American salamanders adapted for climbing with well-developed limbs and long somewhat squared-off toes
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The cr indicate that the robust SEKI-20167 is likely a member of the genus Aneides, and not of the more slender Plethodon, Hydromantes, Batrachoseps (possibly including B.
Comparative osteology of the plethodontid salamander genus Aneides.
1981) propose a similar explanation for the diversity of the plethodontid salamander genus Aneides, in which the complimentary rearrangement of carpals and tarsals better adapt species for climbing.