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Noun1.genus Bacillus - type genus of the Bacillaceae; includes many saprophytes important in decay of organic matter and a number of parasites
B, bacillus - aerobic rod-shaped spore-producing bacterium; often occurring in chainlike formations; found primarily in soil
bacteria genus - a genus of bacteria
Bacillaceae, family Bacillaceae - typically rod-shaped usually Gram-positive bacteria that produce endospores
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The genus Bacillus constitutes a diverse group of rod-shaped gram-negative bacteria which has the ability to secrete many exoenzymes (Moriarty 1996, 1998).
Biochemical analysis of the genus Bacillus gave negative results for indole, citrate, oxidase, and urease and positive results for methyl red Voges-Proskaeur, catalase, and gelatinase tests.
Among the isolates, the following stand out: EB-23, EB-50, EB-50, EB-64, EB-87, EB-88, EB-126, EB-127, EB-133, EB-136 and EB-169, among them nine belong to the genus Bacillus sp.
16S rRNA gene sequence analysis based on bootstrap values revealed that the urease-producing isolates belong to genus Bacillus, Virgibacillus, Halobacillus and Staphylococcus.
Furthermore, the composition of the water of the farm showed two bacterial genera (Staphylococcus and Bacillus) in coincidence to the microbiota of AF and the genus Bacillus was detected in the feed and in the microbiota of AF (Figs.
The majority of these species belonged to the genus Bacillus, one was P.
Strains of the bacteria genus Bacillus will be found to thrive in this high-alkaline environment.
Previous studies using 16S rRNA showed the association of PGPR strains found in Pakistan with genus Bacillus (Hayat et al.
They are usually produced by bacteria belonging to the genus Bacillus for industrial applications such as B.
Mahmoudi and Ahmadi [23] had isolated AHL degrading bacteria from rhizosphere of potato plants and the isolates were genus Bacillus, Arthrobacter and Pseudomonas.
Bacteria of genus Bacillus and Staphylococcus were previously reported from many insect species but, among the three isolates, S.