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Noun1.genus Bacillus - type genus of the Bacillaceae; includes many saprophytes important in decay of organic matter and a number of parasites
B, bacillus - aerobic rod-shaped spore-producing bacterium; often occurring in chainlike formations; found primarily in soil
bacteria genus - a genus of bacteria
Bacillaceae, family Bacillaceae - typically rod-shaped usually Gram-positive bacteria that produce endospores
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Regarding the spatial distribution of bacterial communities, bacteria related to the genus Bacillus were the most common in the middle-level layer.
Of all the alkalophilic microorganisms used in industrial applications are separate genus Bacillus are the dominant source of proteases [6].
The genus Bacillus is known for its production of extracellular proteases (BEG; GUPTA, 2003).
A phylogenetic tree based on bacterial 16S rDNA sequence showed a close relationship between the isolate J5 and the genus Bacillus (Fig.
Biosynthesis of fibrinolytic enzymes with different mechanisms of action by microorganisms of the genus Bacillus.
Several decades ago, researchers found that bacteria in the genus Bacillus produce detergent molecules as waste.
The steamed soybean is cooled, and then water and a pectinase produced by microorganisms of the genus Bacillus are added to the soybean to prepare a first mixture.
Endospore formation is common to the genus Bacillus, and is a special form of the bacterial cell that is highly resistant to heat, dessication (lack of water) and radiation.
It is believed that this organism falls into the genus Bacillus.
Of particular interest were strains of the genus Bacillus that might use hydrocarbons for growth.