genus Catostomus

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Noun1.genus Catostomus - type genus of the family Catostomidaegenus Catostomus - type genus of the family Catostomidae
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Catostomidae, family Catostomidae - suckers; closely related to the family Cyprinidae
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The principal aim of this review is to employ comparative anatomic descriptions of specimens to establish sound bases for defining and delimiting as precisely as possible, the suckers of the genus Catostomus, subgenus Pantosteus (see Smith, 1966; Smith and Koehn, 1971; Smith, 1992) from Utah's Provo River, Big Cottonwood Creek and Little Cottonwood Creek.
Distribution and evolution of the North American catostomid fishes of the subgenus Pantosteus genus Catostomus.