genus Ceratopteris

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Noun1.genus Ceratopteris - water fernsgenus Ceratopteris - water ferns        
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Parkeriaceae, Parkeriaceae - coextensive with the genus Ceratopteris; sometimes included in family Polypodiaceae
Ceratopteris pteridioides, water sprite, floating fern - aquatic fern of tropical America often used in aquariums
Ceratopteris thalictroides, floating fern - pantropical aquatic fern
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the Yunmeng marshland was reputed to have a surface area spanning more than six million ha and plants of the genus Ceratopteris were recorded there (Liu, 1984; Shi et al.
The latest revision of the genus Ceratopteris was made by Lloyd (Brittonia 26:139-160.
Cytological relationships between three diploid species of the fern genus Ceratopteris.